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Professional Residential Sandblasting

Has a recent outdoor project done a number on your sidewalk? Does your driveway look dull and dirty? At Burnham Construction, we can remove the dirt and grime with sandblasting to reveal the clean and bright surfaces you remember.

  • Cement

  • Porches, patios, and walkways

  • Vehicles, wheels, and trailers

  • Household antiques

  • Automotive and building restoration

Get a cleaner vehicle

Are you planning to restore an older vehicle? Do you want your car to be spotlessly clean? Our experienced team can help you get started on your restoration project or get a brilliant shine again. Contact us today to learn about sandblasting service for your vehicle.

Get your car's shine back

Get rid of imperfections on your residential surfaces. Call about our competitive pricing.

Gain a clean driveway or patio

Brighten your exterior cement

Restore your household antiques